Racial Profiling Hearings: Monday/Madison and Wednesday/Milwaukee, Share Your Story

26 Apr


MADISON: Mon. APRIL 26, 4-7 pm
Madison Area Technical College, 3550 Anderson Street
Room 142 C (Student Lounge)

MILWAUKEE: Wed. APRIL 28, 4-7 pm
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, 2419 East Kenwood Boulevard
Room 250, Zelazo Center

Written Comments May be Submitted Until April 30 (details below)

Have you or someone you know ever been stopped, questioned, detained, or arrested for being the wrong race/color in the wrong place/neighborhood at the wrong time? Share your experiences and help create progressive rules for racial profiling data collection!

Effective January 1, 2011, all Wisconsin police officers must collect data to determine whether vehicles operated or occupied by racial minorities are stopped more often than those operated or occupied by non-minorities. A new administrative rule will determine what data is collected and how it is analyzed.

Some in our state think that racial profiling doesn’t exist. If you disagree, this is your opportunity to raise awareness and share your thoughts and experiences about this issue – and about what kinds of data and information law enforcement needs to collect.


Important points to remember about about racial profiling in Wisconsin:

Tell your story of experiencing racial profiling at the hearing and to members of your community.

• Ask legislators for data collection on whether stopped drivers don’t speak English, and if they are asked whether or not a driver lives in the community where they were stopped (known as a “race out of place” stop).

• Data and reports should be broken down to include subparts of all major cities – not just Milwaukee

All departments must be required to submit reports promptly – not wait years until they are on the “BadgerTracs” data system.

Raw data – from the Office of Justice Assistance, Department of Transportation and local departments – must be subject to open records laws.

• The system must be set up to allow an increasingly sophisticated analysis as technology improves.

Written comments will be accepted through the close of business April 30th. Send written comments via e-mail to OJATSDC@wi.gov or by post to: Office of Justice Assistance, Attn: Dennis Schuh, 1 S. Pinckney St, Suite 615, Madison, WI 53703

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