News roundup: ACLU weighs in on Tasers in Madison, returning prisoners and voting rights, upside-down flag case gets more press

14 Aug

Here’s a quick wrap-up of some civil liberties related news of the week…

Police Practices
ACLU of Wisconsin legal director quoted in Cap Times article on Taser use by Madison police.

Criminal Justice
Here’s a nice article in the Wisconsin State Journal about Madison-area support groups for returning prisoners. While we are working with a large coalition on important voting rights reform in Wisconsin, this is a good reminder about the barriers people face when trying to integrate back into society after incarceration.

Free Speech
We’re taking the case for the guy in Crivitz, WI who had his upside-down flag removed by police after community complaints. A Green Bay NBC-26 website shares some hostile emails between the DA and a constituent upset by the DA’s role in the flag issue. The news got a mention in On Milwaukee and on the TMJ-4 Milwaukee station website.

And the web is all atwitter about the Kenosha curse word issue. Did you catch our post earlier today? The news also gets attention on the Examiner Milwaukee blog. Share the Cap City Liberty blog post with your friends by clicking on the “share” button at the end of the section.

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